Indraneel Ray

Hey there thank’s for visiting my website, it’s your first step towards building up your ‘Intellectual Acumen’ .

Now the word ‘Intellectual’ stands for a person who is smart and enjoys serious study and thought and ‘Acumen’  refers to the ability to think clearly and make good decisions, thus in short, if you are a person who is always passionate to learn new things  and broaden his/her thought process and finally improve as an individual, then this is ‘The place to be’.

I am Indraneel Ray from Aurangabad, India, I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession and I write about interesting topics from a plethora of varied subjects right from current worldly happenings; social events; philosophy;culture; literature; music to the latest technologies and trends in the world.

Please, subscribe to my website i.e for regular updates on all of my new blogs, do remember to comment on all my blogs for suggestions and don’t forget to share my blogs with all of your friends and family because knowledge increases only when it is shared.

Once again thanks for visiting my website, I’ll be hoping to see you soon, bye and stay blessed.


One Response to Indraneel Ray

  1. Lucarna says:

    Hi Indraneel. Nice to visit your blog. Wanna share it? Come on!

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