What do u mean..?

You are very confusing, full of ambiguity and doubt…knowing you is like running through a maze….I feel myself to be more like Indiana Jones, navigating the wilderness for the lost treasure…… You don’t mean what you speak…..your ‘no’ is no where close to a disapproval and so is your ‘yes’ , which is more of a maybe….earlier I thought you to be very  smart,intellectual  and clever but you are no way closer to what you seemed…..always lost in that weird imaginary  world of yours, where there’s an infinite fashion sale with loads of discounts…..at times, you are both happy as well as sad, I doubt if anyone else could at least feel one emotion in this busy world of today….you talk of your ex’s with such ease to me , that I feel ashamed of myself….I’m so jealous of those guys now, as they are finally free of you…..for you, pink is not a single colour ,it is rather a set of 20 other pink colour shades that makes me vomit….you feel you are fat when you aren’t, but when you really put up some weight you profess yourself as a complete foodie…..you are a great brand manager of yourself,..never have I ever seen you talk of anybody else, other than you….you are your daddy’s little princess, I respect that….but please bare me I am not your daddy’s appointed slave,……carrying all your shopping bags  and tantrums have left my shoulders bruised,…you forgot all of our first timers,like our first date,first movie together our first ki.. u know what, ..leave it…..all these things means nothing to you now so let there be peace….parting our ways was the last thing on my mind when I had fallen for you …but now I feel that it will be better for both of us…..I had the greatest love for you ever, but I failed to realize that love is a two sided game,…I was so fool to play it solo and you know at last I lost.


About Indraneel Ray

still learning.....
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5 Responses to What do u mean..?

  1. sunshineglitters says:

    ….reflects pain

    Liked by 1 person

  2. RUCHI says:

    Burst of painful emotions .. Good to have them out

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