The untold story of a job-less person.

For some people Joblessness or Unemployment is just another word from the English language, but for people who are actually jobless or have been in that position in certain period of their life, it is not merely a word it is a unique life experience, or for that matter  a more life changing experience, which in my opinion teaches more than it hurts. 

When a person is in the state of unemployment there are some things that are bound to happen.First of all for a jobless person life initially seems to be fairly alright, people think that the money they have accumulated in their bank accounts will suffice them for the time till they get their new job, but money is the least they have to worry about.Loneliness, Boredom, Loss of Purpose in Life, Deteriorating Health, Lack of Social Connectivity etc are few of the deadly consequences of being jobless. 

Not having a job or any work to do, throws one away in a separate world where we are all by ourselves, we are alone, we are alienated from the rest of the world, though being  physically living in that very place itself.We shy away from all our friends and near ones and avoid meeting them with the fear of losing self-esteem infornt of them as people start knowing that you don’t have a job.We gradually  avoid going to social gatherings and make ourselves as reclusive as possible thus damaging our Social Life altogether.

Being unemployed takes away from us our purpose of life, simply growing aimless after every passing day. As we don’t have any work or constructive activity to do we grow lethargic, sitting in one place or in front of the T.V. hours and hours contemplating our grim situation, we also go on devouring food at an astounding  rate thereby becoming bulkier day after day, some of us even go on to substance abuse and  alcohol addiction and to top that all we are having negligible physical activity there by deteriorating our health even further.

Not having a job also snatches away one’s freedom of spending money freely without giving a thought. Often one has to think at least twice or thrice before buying something when they face unemployment.Our hands are shackled with invisible chains that limit our spending, things like clothing and going out in a good restaurant are items of luxury now,we are left heart broken when our children ask for toys that we cannot buy given the present condition of ours, all these things constantly reminds us of our declining bank balance.

Altogether the planet of Unemployment is not a good place to travel to,the very prospect of it should give anyone chills, it is empty, it is dark, once you landed there you are eaten by the bacterias from the inside out which eventually leaves you hollow, although the state of joblessness or unemployment is a bitter reality of life, and can happen to anybody at any stage in their life , but surely one has to stay stable and determined even in that situation as bad time, also like every other thing in life, passes away.


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15 Responses to The untold story of a job-less person.

  1. Very true @Indraneel.. would you please write more articles about such topics which are depressing the current youth..

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  2. Shubham Ukarande says:

    Its d reality bro.. We hv to pass through this.. Bt it get chng aftr some tym… so dn wry about job, it will b there for you, n dat day will make u happy..

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  3. Kartik Porwal says:

    Really it seems to be very fascinating but very realistic blog written by you…for a Certain period of time everyone goes through such hardle of Unemployment…….. but dont be Depressed. Keep patience and Walk towards your destiny. ONE DAY YOU WILL BE AT THE TOP OF LADDER OF SUCCESS.Because, Just Because Something is difficult dosen’t mean’t you shouldn’t try ..It Mean’t You try HARDER AND HARDER..

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  4. Kartik Porwal says:

    Really its very fascinating but realistic blog written by you. Everyone goes through this situation of unemployment for certain period of time..May be someone tried lot many times but he/She may face failure …but we should not worry …Nothing will end for long time…Dont fear for failure ….Just go forward on your path towards destiny ..One day you will be at ladder of success…Because someone says ;

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  5. Sayantani says:

    Thre is surely some place fr evryone in ths wrld.. true indeed 🙂

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  6. Rohan Mugdia says:

    That’s fabulous wordings buddy.
    This is a true fact I actually spoke about. The blog is very much realistic and does possess a good sense.

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  7. Shaikh Adil says:

    Nice written indraneel, its really a life experience which taught us many lessons and resembles with every another struggling graduate student.

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  8. A very precisely worded article coupled with easy-to-digest lingo paves the way for a deeper awakening and realisation of a very grim but hardly-given-a-thought-to phase of life . Somebody had to do it, and thanks for the taking the initiative !

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  9. Manya verma says:

    It is amazingly written!! Great one indraneel..

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  10. streetbiter says:

    I`m in the same situation! Like your post and wish you all the best for the future. And nice german on my site, just a little few mistakes 😉

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  11. darkness76 says:

    Very well written and oh, so very true. You really get it. Thank you.😀

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  12. Jay says:

    I think the support of the family is wry vital during this phase .

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